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ATTENTION: All Short-Term Stock Traders...




In the next few minutes I will show you how modern day "tape reading" can recover for you the lost secrets of successful short-term trading.




Dear Stock Trader,


You don't realize it yet, but in this report you will learn that short-term trading can be fun, rewarding and a whole lot easier than most would have you believe.


You will discover how to use the "web's best tape reading software" in 3 easy steps.


This software is essentially reading the ticker tape which is how successful short-term trading got started in the first place... many years ago.


In the old days professional traders could read the tape and spot unusual volume or price activity.. and more importantly... they could do it fast enough to get in on the action.


Times have changed a bit and there is so much available data it's impossible to read the tape anymore... At least that is what we thought.


Then we cracked the code...


Check Out What We Learned...


First we came up with a few good ways to greatly reduce the amount of data needed to spot stocks that are breaking out and then we built software to make the process quick, easy and painless.



Introducing the Stock Picker RT.




By the time you finish reading this page, you'll feel like you are ready to finally take the "bull" by the horns and consistently profit from your short-term trading.




Can you imagine getting a short-list of hot stocks dropped right on your desktop every morning?


Let me start at the beginning...


My partners and I built a portfolio management tool in the early nineties that would help people manage their long-term portfolios.


It was... and still is a HUGE success.


There are tens of thousands of users in more than 70 countries...


Then we spent years looking at ways to picks stocks for short-term traders.


We looked at what the conventional wisdom was teaching... We looked at what others were doing and we looked at all kinds of data and indicators.


Finally it hit us..



Why don't we just "read the tape"?


Then we started building scans and screens to run in the pre-market and start looking for "unusual activity".

That worked pretty well.


We found all kinds of stocks going up and down in some really spectacular moves.


But.. some of these stocks were tanking, big time.


What we needed was a way to "clean" the list down to a more manageable level and kick out the stocks that were going down.


We decided to... "set a trigger price " and when we did the results were nothing short of amazing.


You see now we had a list of stocks that were "on the move" but if the stocks didn't trade "above the trigger price" then they don't show up in the results of the scan.


Now we are left with stocks going up... on unusual volume activity and we see some really big gainers every trading day.


I know what you're thinking... That sounds great... and believe me... it IS GREAT.


I do not want you to get the impression that every single pick wins every single day, you're smart enough to know that it just doesn't work that way.


What we do have here is a short list of very high probability stock picks that you can trade profitably each and every day.


When you read the strategy guide that comes with the software and follow a few simple rules about prudent money management and use proper entries and exits, you can and will start to profit bigger and more consistently than ever before.


Take A Look At The Screenshot Below...


Every Trading Day, on the main screen of

the software, you will see a list of

today's picks.


There is a variety of selectable charts to further enhance your knowledge of the particular stock.


By selecting the drop down box below the chart you can select from intraday, 2 day, 20 day, 3 month and 6 month charts.


The longer term charts also include the 20 day and 50 day exponential moving averages.


This is The World's EASIEST Stock Picking Software...


Look at the stock in the screenshot.


It's up over $2.50 in one day, that's 18.75% in one day.


In fact, gains like that are NOT uncommon, and you'll see your share of them too.


That is the key to successful short-term trading!


The further you read down this page the more you'll come to understand that this is something you can do...


...and not only that but you'll know the time is right to take control of your portfolio and add a whole new level of accuracy to your trading.


The Stock Picker RT software will run the scan for you every trading day, and you'll get a short list of stocks that are going up right now... in real-time.


The software will display the Stop Loss and Target Prices that you specify and will allow you to further filter the list by price and volume.


Even better is that the scans will refresh throughout the day letting you see any "new" stocks that meet the rigorous criteria needed to make the list.


I bet you're wondering just how much money you could make trading these stock picks.




Here is a simple calculator that can help you see the power of getting and trading the right kind of stocks picks.


You do NOT have to hit a "home run" with every trade... Compounding small gains can be very powerful. TRY IT!


I will let you in on a little secret...


Do you see up there where it says what the biggest gainer of the day is?


That is totally automated...


I do not edit this page every day to add the biggest gainer...


We are so confident that the Stock Picker RT will come up with spectacular winners that we actually automated the posting of the biggest gainer right here in this page!


Clearly you are beginning to see how this simple software tool can dramatically improve your trading results. Can you imagine what your wife or husband would say after seeing you get a long string of winning trades.


These are a few reasons why you owe it to yourself to try this out and see what it can do for you. Check out these comments that we got recently from one of our customers.




Hey Doug:

Thank you for creating this wonderful trading software! To think, I leased this last year and hardly used it....what a waste!!

I've been using the RT, exclusively, for several weeks. I'm able to day trade 2-3 days per week, usually making 2-3 trades x 300-500 shares.

I do some simple chart analysis and enter 10-15 minutes
after the open, selling the stocks by noon every day-before the mid-day lull.

I have only had two losing trades and have consistently written my wife a check every friday for $1200 to $2000...

.. not bad for a part-time gig!!

In summary, I have a lot of tools/experience in my trading arsenal ..... none as valuable as this simple, yet powerful software.

Stock Picker RT is the only thing I use, now. It allows me much more free time, and let's face it, money is only part of why we trade.

LIFESTYLE is (for me) the #1 reason. Fishing with my 4 year old son, after making 600-1000 dollars (in 2 hours) is more reward than I can convey in words!!

Thanks again, for creating this software.




Now Scott is very happy... but he is not alone.


We launched this software in February of 2005 and it has been picking winners ever since.


There are thousands of traders that are quietly profiting from this software everyday and making themselves and their families more secure in the process.


Tom Cashman has been in the technology business for more than 30 years...


Here is what Tom has to say...


"Best Scanning Software..."


Dear Doug,


What can I say! This is the Best scanning software I have found in my nine years of trading!


In one easy click I get 4 to 15 picks every day.

This must save me 20 to 30 hours of research every week.

Who could ask for more? I made more than 12 times the cost of the software in less than one day.
On just 1 trade!

I cannot recommend this software strongly enough.

I have been involved in technology for over 30 years and this program is the most accurate and simple to use that I have ever found.

I tell people to forget all the newsletters. Just get a StockPickerRT and take the guess work and long hours out of your trading research.

Thanks again,
Thomas J. Cashman Jr.



Tom is happy too...


But we have dozens... even hundreds of comments from people that can't believe how easy and fast the Stock Picker RT is.


Have you ever noticed that there are always people out there that say "software cannot pick stocks". I have even heard professional traders say that and they were being absolutely sincere.


I sort of feel bad for them... Look at what they are missing out on!


I know that many of the so-called experts are spending long hours every night sifting through hundreds if not thousands of stock charts looking for one that "might" go up tomorrow.


Can you imagine wasting that much time?


I thought investing and trading was about "putting the money to work".


If you're anything like me you want your stock picks fast and accurate and don't want to have to do all that research and then "hope for the best".


I would much rather have a look at a small list of stocks on the move with the Stock Picker RT.


Now I know you are seeing the enormous benefits that the Stock Picker RT can bring to your online trading... It's fast, accurate and will save you lots of time.


There are probably only a few questions remaining..


Like how do I get one?... How much is it?... What else do I need to know?


Well, I have good news.


I'll make those answers short and sweet.


  • 1) You can download the Stock Picker RT right now!
  • 2) It's a lot cheaper than you might think.
  • 3) All you need to know is how to place an order with your broker using established trading principles, and they are spelled out in the strategy guide right in the software.

Just think about it..


How could getting a short list of hot stocks change the results you're getting now? How would you feel booking that next vacation paid in full by your trading profits?


I know that you want you try it, but you might be concerned with actually buying this software online. Let me put your mind at ease...


We have been doing business online for over ten years. We have thousands of satisfied customers using our tools to help them succeed with their trading.


We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and we take pride in the speed and reliability of our customer service and tech support.


Let me ask you this...


What would you pay for a service that was going to give you a real shot at playing to win in the short-term trading game?


It's like getting the keys to the kingdom.


Comparable products sell for thousands of dollars up front. You can use the Stock Picker RT for a whole year for less than a third of what most services charge.


I do NOT want you to make a huge financial commitment up front. In fact I think you are going to be very surprised at the ridiculously low price of taking this great tool for a spin.


You can start trading with these stock picks today... for just $79.00!


That's right, and I know it's hard to believe, but we want you to try this software and be sure that it is right for you without having to spend a thousand dollars or more on a new tool that "might" help you trade better.


If you're like most people you will immediately see the great value of the Stock Picker RT software and you will want to stay a member at just $79.00 per month.

You can cancel at anytime during your first month and never be charged again GUARANTEED! Quite frankly... This software would be a steal at twice that price.



People ask me all the time why do you sell this software? If it's so good why don't you just keep it for yourself and trade the picks?


and then I ask them...


Why should we keep it a secret?


Shouldn't we share what we have learned so that others can use it to take care of their families too? Of course we should!


And it's even more important that we share with you everything we know about trading and how to get the most from all the time you spend working with the market.


That is why we give every one of our new users a copy of our Market Toolbox Desktop Financial Portal as a free bonus.


The Desktop Financial Portal comes with...


Quotes, Charts, News, Research Tools, The Best Financial Blogs, Our Weekly Market Analysis as well as Free Charting Software, Free Research Reports, Free Market Timing Software and a whole lot more!


Not only that... You'll get our Market Toolbox Newsletter Too!



In the Market Toolbox Newsletter you'll get all the latest and greatest when it comes to trading tools. A variety of free educational seminars to make you a better trader and even some deep looks into the market that only our "in-house" tools can provide.


The Newsletter and Desktop Financial Portal are not just free... They're priceless!


There is more information in the Desktop Financial Portal than your broker has in his expensive office.


But Let's Get Back On Track...


The fact that you are still reading this means that you are ready to take control and start getting the kind of results that you know you could get if you had the right tools.


We have built a huge bundle of resources to give you that edge...


The Stock Picker RT also has direct links to the news stories about the stocks and a few other nifty research tools too. You need to try this software.


You can download the software immediately. If it's a weekday you'll see today's winning picks as soon as you open the software.


There is a complete strategy guide to help you learn how to trade these picks and many good, sound principles of short-term trading in general.


All the years we have been "in the trenches" testing and tweaking the systems and scans we use is time that you have already saved.


You can enjoy the results of all this work now... and for mere "chump change" compared to what we have already put into this effort for you.


FACT: If you do not try the Stock Picker RT you will never know what the results could have been.


I know that you understand that great traders all learned at some point how to "put all the pieces together" and now they can trade with confidence knowing that they are in control of the situation and that "hoping" to profit is a suckers game.


The Stock Picker RT software can be that tool for you...


I am confident that you'll see immediate improvement in your trading as a result of getting these stock picks daily and from the sage advice in the strategy guide.


Remember, we are NOT asking you to make a big financial commitment to see what it's all about and you can cancel at any time and never be billed again... NO QUESTIONS ASKED


But my bet is that you'll be hooked like all the other traders that continue to renew year after year.


If you are one of the few that finds the Stock Picker RT is not right for you, we insist that you keep the Market Toolbox Newsletter and Desktop Financial Portal free forever.


We are dedicated to helping you become a better trader or investor.


I know that you are looking forward to the trading success the Stock Picker RT can bring.


I know that you will LOVE telling your buddies about a few really big winners that you traded. This is part of the fun.


People will think that you are some kind of "Wall Street Wonder" with the skills you have acquired. In fact I know that a few of our users get calls from their brokers asking THEM what the hot stocks are!


How would you feel if your friends were all dying for you to tell them how you do it?


I've done all I can do to relate to you the benefits of having the right kinds of tools to help you trade. But I cannot "make you take action"...


You see... You are the one who controls what happens to you. You are the one that holds the key to taking control of your portfolio.


You are the one that can make the decision to finally "put it all together" and give it your best shot.


Now that you are ready to take control...



Order the Stock Picker RT Today and Give It a Try.

Super Low Price ... Just $79.00 a month!



Try It Now for 30 Days for Just $79.00
You Get Instant Access with your Immediate Download
You can See Today's Winning Picks Instantly
Put This Software To The Test for a Full Month!

You'll Continue To Get These Great Stock Picks Month After Month for just $79.00, Or you can Cancel Anytime and never Be Billed Again

ALSO: We NEVER Raise the price on existing members.

Two Easy Ways To Order... Join Today!


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Download the Stock Picker RT Today!



The ordering process is very simple, you can use your credit cards through our secure server.


I promise that you will be very happy with the Stock Picker RT and you'll know that you have made the right choice.


I want to thank you for reading this web page and considering the Stock Picker RT for yourself. I have shown you what I can about how easy it is to use, I have shown you the success of other users.


I have made the price so low that everyone should be able to take a look.


Now it's up to you to make it happen for yourself.


I know that you will feel great about getting this new software and committing yourself to finally realizing the trading excellence and success that you know in your heart you can achieve.


Best Wishes and Good Trading

Doug Newberry & Bill McKinley
Investing Systems Inc.


PS. I want you to know that Technical Support is easy to get if you need help. Sometimes we even have the Online Help Running Right Here!


  Live chat by LivePerson


It's also important to note that we are available during market hours to answer any questions you might have regarding the software via e-mail or phone.


Obviously we prefer e-mail because many of the same questions get asked again and again, and we have well written responses ready to go.


Take the opportunity now to check out The Stock Picker RT... You'll be really glad you did!


If You have additional questions please E-mail Us at Info@Investing-Systems.com, We'll send you everything you need to know. Or call 904-491-8900 to order by phone.


Try it now for just $79.00!


ALSO.. To Get Our Newsletter... Sign Up Here!




If for any reason you think the software is "not for you" you can cancel anytime with no questions asked.


You will never be billed again and you can keep the bonus materials forever with our compliments.


Our Privacy Policy is Simple too... We will not share any of your information with anyone. I wish they were all so simple!  ;-)



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